fucking deep beat
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Swallow the thing and then for ten hours BANG the feeling inside your stomach BANG insanity BANG joy BANG horror BANG elation BANG extasy BANG BANG pain BANG BANG BANG BANG...


It’s a feeling like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audiosystem. Or like you are standing in a factory workshop full metal working machines and ramming an impact drill into your stomach. The only difference is there’s an absolute silence all around and you are experiencing the music in perfect privacy and only from the inside.
After swallowing, it takes the Audiopill about an hour to make it through the upper parts of gastrointestinal tract (in the first minutes you have to press your palm on your chest to feel the beats). But after it descends to the pelvic area, the effects become very intensive. You may for a while regret your experimental courage.
Do you want to listen to music from the inside? This invention is a device as small as a pill which, when swallowed, starts beating within you innards at a preset BPM. Restless feeling will pump you up to insanity.
The beating within you abdomen induces a unique feeling of restlessness, amazement and elation, but if you have a shorter life than the battery inside (10 hours and can’t be switched off when swallowed!), it can pump you up to insanity. And there’s yet another effect the Audiopill provides. As it meanders through your GI tract, it can serve as a teaching aid for your own medical or even maniacal introspection.
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You are at a 10-hour party of one and only hypnotizing rhythm, and there’s nowhere to escape.
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The concept of enjoying music from the inside consists of two parts:
BodyBass: the first part comprises of a prototype of the Audiopill device, which vibrates inside the GI tract with ultra bass music beats.

UltraTreble: the second part of "musical component" in this conceptual art by Jan Poope comprises of an Italian medical device Sirio (see the video above), originally designed for healing injuries with low-frequency ultrasound waves. Strmiska noticed a peculiar side effect – whistling sounds within the patient’s head. Outside observers hear nothing, but the experimental object experiences an intensive acoustic perception. Low-frequency ultrasound waves are modulated as they travel through the body (a bit like a dental drill).
Ultrasound scratching on human bodies is a brand new music genre.
The closer to the head, the more intensive auditory perception of sound is to be experienced. Thus, the ultrasound scratching on human bodies is a brand new music genre. Extremely personal and uncopyable. No one can hear anything, not even the performer-musician, the only one who enjoys the music is the listener!
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Weight: 8 g
Length: 35 mm
Three preset beats:
~ 95 BPM (Grinderman, No pussy blues)
~ 130 BPM (Die Antwoord,
I Fink U freeky)
~ 143 BPM (M.I.A.,
Bad Girls).
Controls: remotely controlled by a neodymium magnet
Battery: approx. 10 hours of vibrations, Audiopill cannot be switched off when swallowed
Motor: Precision Microdrives
Senzor: Standex Meder electronic
Color Versions:
~ Clear empty space (unisex transparent)
~ Juicy juicy juicy pink (for girls)


Swallowing this electronic capsule is based on the same principle as the medically approved capsule endoscopy. However, this is an experimental art device. During development of the device, many doctors and four polymer experts who were consulted on encasement materials, warned the author "to never ever swallow anything like this". Therefore, everything is at the user’s own risk. The author waives all responsibility for any potential health problems. It is also strongly recommended that you inspect your faeces to be sure the device has made it through and out safely (in approx. 48 hours).


You can simply set up your favorite BPM. Remotely controlled magnetic reed relay is built in an encased capsule. Audiopill settings are indicated by LED control.

off, LED out
1x apply the magnet: slow 95 BPM vibrations and the LED blinks in the same rhythm
Vibrations last 3 seconds – then the Audiopill only blinks for 30 more seconds without vibrations = time for swallowing the pill (vibrations off to prevent gag reflex)
after this period the Audiopill vibrates perpetually until the battery is fully discharged (or the magnet is applied again)
1x apply the magnet again: Audiopill speeds up to 130 BPM (the same procedure applies as above)
1x apply the magnet again: Audiopill speeds up to maximum 143 BPM (the same procedure applies as above)
1x apply the magnet again: Audiopill switches off completely

The Experiment

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What will you feel within your innards?
Click to read about feelings of the author...
0:00 swallowing Audiopill
No problems with swallowing it. There’s a 30s delay of vibrations set up on the pill, which is sufficient to overcome gag reflex. So you swallow it and feel nothing at first. After a couple of minutes the pill descends to your stomach and you start feeling vibrations like a mobile phone vibrating in you belly. I laugh like crazy. Really a weird feeling. Nothing like that ever experienced before!
However, in this stage nothing is really felt within the inside, you have to press your palm on your stomach. Or better, clench your abdominals.

+20 min
Vibrations on the left side of my stomach (anyway, it’s not in the vertical middle axis), feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack. Odd feeling around my heart.

+2:20 h
I’m being X-rayed to see the pill’s already in the small intestine. And it goes on and on vibrating. The feeling is a lot more intensive when I lay on the hard x-ray bed, which also starts vibrating.

+2:40 h
It becomes almost unbearably intensive when the pill is in the middle of my body. Somewhere near the hip bone through which the vibrations are transmitted to the whole body. No need to press my palm against my belly anymore. The feeling from the inside is a lot more intensive than when touching myself from the outside. In general, vibrations are extremely intensive in the lower GI tract, apparently due to higher concentration of bones. Unpleasantly intensive at times.

+3:50 h
My backbone is vibrating up and down, sometimes even the head. It could be a great teaching aid for medics. I have a perfect sense of the whole GI tract pathway.

It goes on even after four hours. I’m becoming growingly nervous. It’s like when you spend too much time at a techno party with only one rhythm shaking up your innards.

Going to toilet is no more a moment of relaxation. For safety reasons I have to inspect everything that’s coming out and dump into plastic bags.

Nothing can calm me down now – perpetual beating catches up with me everywhere. The idea of trying to switch it off using the magnet is very tempting, but I resist.

I’m going wild. The twitching is relentless. Right now in the appendix area. When I clench abdominals it’s almost unbearable. Transmitting to the groin. The tingling is paralyzing me. I can’t just think about anything else!
And I’m waiting when this will be over and done with...

It’s still running. I didn’t manage to switch it off using the magnet. I’d probably have to use a giant factory magnet. It becomes almost psychotic. And I’m facing a hard night at a techno party with no drugs.

It’s three in the morning and the pill’s finally discharged. Or am I so tired I don’t feel anything? Falling asleep.

Morning, peace and calm. The pill is discharged for good. My shaken belly hurts a bit, but I’m euphoric.

+24 h
Fun is definitely over and I have to go on with searching my faeces in restaurants.

+45 h
And here we go, the pill has come out. Apart from a slight yellowing of the epoxy capsule it looks like brand new. It took the pill two days to get through my body, just like the first specimen without electronics when I only tested encapsulating materials. I flirt with the idea of making a repeatedly usable and chargeable version for socially weaker audiophiles :-)


Jan Strmiska by his real name. He created the Czech edition of the tech magazine T3 (Tomorrow's Technology Today). After a few years as the editor-in-chief, he left for the men’s magazine Maxim where he worked as Fashion Dictator for more than ten years. Besides dictating fashion he wrote about bizarre stuff or took part in editorial striptease and decadent parties.
More than a year ago he left Maxim and with some money saved he spent the following first two months travelling on his Royal Enfield in India and Bangladesh, trying to create a project about outsourced art of wedgies. However, it failed due to laziness and hypocrisy of the local people.
The last year he’s been working on a project of prolapsed buttocks, spent some time surfing, developing the Audiopill, breaking his ribs while driving his Kawasaki and learning massage techniques to better understand the human body.
He also remembered the legacy of his father, a food chemist and inventor of the famous thermised cottage cheese called Lučina. Jan rebuilt his flat into a lab and learned how to preserve pig innards. He also experimented with polymer materials suitable for encasing his Audiopill device and tested various methods of potassium ferricyanide crystallization. He tested on himself effects of toadstool and breathing techniques on human perception.
He’s an autodidact and kamikaze explorer.
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Author of the concept, encapsulation and design: Jan Poope Strmiska
Electronics and wiring: Jan Vojtěch


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